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Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
FREEBIE! Gothic Yarn Colouring Book from Countess Ablaze Countess Ablaze

FREEBIE! Gothic Yarn Colouring Book from Countess Ablaze

The UK enters the fourth week of lockdown and I've spent much of this time unwell and in bed, woefully behind on admin and emails for which I sincerely apologise for and am back to work tomorrow, albeit from my new workstation at home for the time being.

Anyway, you can't buy yarn from us just yet. We're doing our bit by staying home and easing pressure on postal services but what we can do is this:


I've repurposed a colouring book we made in 2017 for when we ran The Classics Society (now we run Yarn Cartel  instead), given it a small revamp and I'm making it available absolutely for free. I don't want to even grab your data by signing you up to a mailing list either. Just take it, it's yours as a gift from me, the Countess. 

Design your own colourway, colour in some skulls and skeletons and use #countessablaze so we can see whatcha doing. Print it or use on a tablet to colour in.



Gothic yarn colouring book by Countess Ablaze

Crowdsourcing colourways!

Download our colouring book on the above link and design your own colourway and if it isn't completely shit, we'll have a crack at dyeing it for our first Rebel Batch when we're back in the studio.

No need to submit anything and cause me the sensory overload of a full inbox, share on Instagram with #countessablaze for us to see.


How you can support us whilst the shop is closed

Gift cards, baby, gift cards!  Buy gift cards for future yarn so you know you have something to look forward to once things have calmed down (dunno the most appropriate thing to write here because everything's changed in the world).

Rest assured that Countess Ablaze is going to be fine, you won't lose your gift card cash investment because being the insane Brexit preparer that I was, I made sure that I had cash set aside for an emergency. Wasn't quite expecting the apocalypse though!

I've introduced smaller amounts of gift cards from £3.00 as a lot of people are asking to donate to us via Ko-Fi. I'd rather not take donations when I've responsibly prepared for an emergency so if you'd like to grab a 3 quid gift card, the price of a coffee, and use it at a later date, I'd be more comfortable with that.


Rock on and don't let anyone into your dance space!



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