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Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Cheviot Aran, The 6ply Underdog

Cheviot Aran, The 6ply Underdog

In life, some things are an acquired taste.

For example, the idea of eating liquorice is making some of you wince while others are asking for an Allsorts from the bag. Cheviot is the unapologetic yarn base that isn't for everyone and if you love your soft Merino yarn this is certainly not for you. If you desire a delightfully scratchy, rugged yarn then this base is about to be your new best friend.

Cheviot aran yarn, hand-dyed by Countess Ablaze

Here are my five (opinion based) reasons why this underrated base deserves its spotlight time like its Aran counterparts!


1: A matte paint job always looks good.

Unlike its Merino brother the Cheviot has a matte finish, so those colours look incredible in hand. This base has been beautiful to dye, especially with more variegated colorways. While Merino has a shine, Cheviot boasts that punch of deep colours that makes any garment stand out from the crowd.

[Colourway pictured: "Ducks have spiral penises" from the Rebel Batch "Useless Facts"]


2: It's Sheepy as Fuck

We know you sniff your yarn. If you don't, you are missing out. When I started at Countess Ablaze almost 3 years ago the idea of getting a whiff of a skein was a bit creepy but I soon changed my tune. You can tell this fleece once kept a sheep on a hill warm and the same warming scent keeps me as happy as that cosy sheep. You can't sniff Merino for that dopamine hit, can you?                        

[Colourway pictured: "Brain messages can travel at 200mph" from the Rebel Batch "Useless Facts"]


3: Winter's coming.

I'm not saying that Merino won't keep you warm but Cheviot keeps hilltop sheep warm in blustery weather so it can certainly keep you nice and snug. Whether you need to venture out into the great beyond or just become one with your sofa you can rely on Cheviot to keep you toasty. I recommend a cardigan and a coffee for optimal comfort. (Coffee not included, sorry) 

[Colourway Pictured: "Himalayan Salt Lamps" from the Rebel Batch "Amazon Wishlist]


4: Your personal back scratcher.

I'm bringing back that liquorice analogy again, this isn't a plus for everyone. If like me you can't stand anything remotely itchy then your interest might end here and that's okay. Shoutout to all of you who enjoy a good scratchy, hardy yarn base though. If that is the sensation for you then this is a personal back scratching post bundled up into a skein of yarn. It's your call.                                                                        

[Colourway pictured: "Living Wages For Workers" from the Rebel Batch "Amazon Wishlist"]


5: Not like the other girls.

It's different. In a sea of Merino sweaters this base might not be an option you initially consider. It's one for the hipsters, alternative people, and those who just fancy a change in these rubbish times. There is nothing wrong with Merino - it's a fantastic yarn but sometimes you just have to seek what else is out there.                                                                     

[Colourway Pictured: "A Box That Isn't Too Big For What I've Ordered" from the Rebel Batch " Amazon Wishlist"]


Have I convinced you to give Cheviot Aran a go? Or are you going to stick to what you know. There is no judgement either way, that's the beauty of fibre arts, everyone's tastes are different!

Rock on and stay safe!

Blazin' Squad Haydn

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