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Checking in with you

March 20, 2020 2 min read

Checking in with you | Countess Ablaze




It's been one hell of a week and it's still only Thursday. I hope you're all doing alright in these scary times. Haydn and I are in the studio this week packing online orders and getting those out of the door, which I'm forever thankful for. We're also dyeing yarn because being both Aspie, we need the routine for as long as we're able.

It's so hard right now not to feel panicked because whilst this situation is not an appropriate one to capitalise on, I'm sure other business owners are feeling the weight of responsibility too of trying to look after staff and ensure they get paid, rent gets paid, suppliers get paid, etc. The UK government seems to change its direction daily but they say there will be help for small businesses but how long will that money take to filter through? We shall see.

But it's heartwarming seeing so many people pulling together to help each other out, seeing people and businesses adapt. We've got this, right?

I want to make some suggestions about helping small businesses at this time. Please note that suggestions are for those who are able to at this time and I appreciate this doesn't apply to everyone:

🖤 - free knitting & crochet patterns are cool and all but there are many designers who rely on digital sales for their income. If you're able to, pay for patterns.
🖤 - gift cards mean businesses get the cash now and you can shop at leisure when life has stabilized.
🖤 - independent food & drink venues are going to be hit hard. Those with perishable goods can't store their wares in the same way I can with yarn so gift cards or paying for an extra coffee can help a lot.

I was a vulnerable child and experienced domestic violence in my 20s & I'm acutely aware of how dangerous these times could get. Keep an eye out on those who may need help, which is easier said than done as we're all going behind closed doors. Charities such as Women's Aid would really appreciate some extra donations right now as they make alternative plans to keep people safe.

Rock on!

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