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Business Buzzwords Staff Picks | Countess Ablaze

Business Buzzwords Staff Picks

You may have noticed the Countess dropped our latest Rebel Batch over the weekend with the title "Business Buzzwords". The Countess had fun with this one, there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of terms that infuriate her in here. I asked the Squad to pick out their favourites, lets get stuck in.

Touch Base

I won't lie, I'm guilty of saying this phrase ironically (I play a lot of team-based online games) and it seems to hit a nerve with the Countess. I just had to pick it out as my staff pick. "Touch Base" is on our fan favourite base, Lady Persephone Sock Yarn, and sports an unusual colour palette. This is a colourway was inspired by a recent sneaker release (I know, shock horror) which included the combination of the maroon red with a hit of green into the mix. I love seeing colours that are more peculiar as they really can catch your attention. This isn't a colour for everyone but it is beautiful in my eyes.

Calling Everything a 'Hack

I asked Blazin' Squad Mod to pick out a colourway that stood out to her and her instant reaction to this badboy was "ooh, tasty". "Calling Everything a 'Hack'" is on our Insurgent DK base which is 100% Baby Alpaca. It's the ultimate soft but durable base and it has a snuggly feel in hand. It also loves cool colours during the dyeing process which makes an interesting variation in tone when a colourway is multicoloured like this. This colourway is another "you love it or hate it" but I like to think that's part of its charm.


Into Our Ecosystem

Blazin' Squad Ann selected this majestic colourway. You can instantly tell when the Countess has been playing with the tea urns because the depth that an overdye creates is almost magic. If I was to take a guess, this skein was probably blue, then the Countess applied a layer of purple which highlights the original colour underneath. Either that or she has been doing witchy things again during her dye session.



The Countess has been very busy as of late behind the scenes so I took a guess at what her selection would be.

"Hyperlocal" is a deep grey colourway on the Countess's favourite base, The English Gent DK. When I've been on a dye session solo I can oftentimes predict what the Countess will be drawn to. If it's stormy, moody or just plain black then she is probably going to pick it up off the table and make a sound of approval (apart from that one time when she picked up a pink and made the same sound but we won't dwell on that). This grey has some gorgeous blue tones and would compliment a busier colourway just beautifully.  


What have you picked up from "Business Buzzwords" this week? Let us know in Underground, our new online community. We had a lot of fun with this Rebel Batch and we always love to see what you are making with it.

Rock on and stay safe!

Blazin' Squad Haydn

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