April 20, 2019

The bestest thing we've ever done.
I want to send you something in the post. I mean, don't I always?
Actually, no. Scratch that.
I want to send you the BESTEST ever thing we've ever dyed at Countess Ablaze, in the post.
And just what is that?
Well it was a complete fkn mistake by the Countess herself. Which is me; I don't know why I'm referring to myself in the third person.

BREXSHIT has been dyed to order, right? Well, let's take a guess at which nobhead ORDERED THE WRONG YARN AND THEN DYED IT AND REALISED AFTERWARDS AS WE'RE ABOUT TO PACK IT?

Yes, that will be me.

Sometimes the greatest things are our greatest mistakes. And this is one of mine.

If you want Grande Merino DK or Lady Persephone Sock yarn for your BREXSHIT!, you can still pre-order those until 30th April 2019, or when Theresa May quits her job as Prime Minister - whichever comes first.

But if you fancy it ready to ship on The Bluefaced Baron DK (superwash Bluefaced Leicester), you can grab a skein or ten now.

~ Countess