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🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦
🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦
Brexit Survival Box Countess Ablaze

Brexit Survival Box

Well, it's Tuesday as I write this and given that it's Crunch Week for Brexit 2.0, I'm hiding from all the news because I can't bear it anymore. I am waiting for the verdict at the end of the week and the post-match analysis rather than watch this chaos in real-time.


Will we leave the EU?

How will we leave the EU?

Will I still be able to buy stroopwafels online?

Is it true that there will be a shortage of toilet rolls?

Will the HMRC Business Preparing for Brexit webinar be as useless as I anticipate?

Clearly, among the Big Questions are smaller more trivial ones, it's how we survive. Gallows humour.

So speaking of Gallows humour, we have our Brexit Survival Box which I'll need to end signups for shortly so I can do a smash and grab shop down at Costco to swipe up everything we need before the stockpilers grab everything. So we'll need numbers before the weekend so I'll need to close signups on Friday.

Boxes will include yarn and stuff. By stuff, I mean things we need to get us through the first night or so. As you can see, about as much thought has gone into this as the UK government has put into Brexit. A fiver from each box will go to the People's Vote Campaign and I can assure you, as much as I'd put these online for a bit of fun, we've sold quite a few so cheers for putting your trust in me!

NOTE! We will ONLY send this box to UK addresses, nowhere else. Why? Because we'll probably stick stuff in the box that Customs and Excise might raise an eyebrow at.


NOT IN THE UK? We still have BoJo's Brexshit Bonanza on the website and those will disappear on Friday as well.


~ Countess 

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