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Blind Dates and Double Dates

July 21, 2020 2 min read

So what's the deal with the dates?

Countess Ablaze

Indie dyer of bold and vibrant yarn in Manchester, UK. We ship worldwide.

Recently we were asked on social media what's inside our Blind Date and Double Dates. These are our most popular products and they're mystery bags of yarn.

First of all, I can tell you what they're NOT - they're not seconds. Not in the slightest. Nor do they use less dye.

Our Blind Dates have Tinder profiles which we ripped straight from online dating profiles. Some are truly awful, some a bit sweet, some are lewd and some are just full of cringe. I got the idea from something book shops were doing a few years ago of wrapping up books in kraft paper with a vague synopsis written on the front so they were mystery books. Plus I'm originally from the Republic of Merseyside so could put on my best Scouse accent for a video impersonating Liverpool legend Cilla Black who hosted the Saturday night TV show, Blind Date.

Blind Dates are 100 gram skeins of whatever we have available. A lot of the time these are experiments in the dye studio of new techniques and new formulas for mixing colours.

Sometimes we have colourways that haven't sold out with just a couple of stragglers left so these get overdyed in the big pan.

Double Dates are two skeins of 50g Lady Persephone Sock in two colourways designed to compliment each other.

So whilst the standard of our dyeing is exactly the same as you'd expect from all our other yarns, we charge less for these because

  • it's a mystery for you and you're taking a risk,
  • we don't need to make up colourway names as we have a spreadsheet of Tinder pick up lines ready to go, or print individual labels, photograph, edit, make product pages, describe the yarn colours used - all of this is pretty time consuming.

When your our Dates, we don't know what's in them, they are all ready wrapped up so it's a mystery to us too.

When we package them, we make sure that any colourways that look similar have the same Tinder profile so if we order more than one, you're less likely to get two similar ones as we can pick our two different profiles.

Examples of Tinder profile names:

  • "I'm not like most yarns" - most yarns.
  • I'm not going to be the yarn you'll marry but I'll be the yarn you're still thinking about in twenty years time when you're indulging in yarn times with a ball of acrylic.
  • Will treat you the way Kanye treats Kanye.
  • I'm on Ravelry to make friends, the same way I'm on PornHub to see the plumber fix the pipes.
  • Just looking for someone without a gag reflex.
  • I need to stop third wheeling at social events.

Find your date or orgy of yarn dates

No refunds. The Countess cannot be held responsible for matches not made in heaven. Please note that Blind Dates do not include holidays to exotic locations or promises of commitment. 


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