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Astronaut // A superchunky garter stitch scarf in two colours

January 24, 2020 1 min read

Astronaut // A superchunky garter stitch scarf in two colours | Countess Ablaze

So the last thing on Saturday's to-do list was "take photos of the massive super chunky scarf so people can see how far a skein goes." The reality is you get photos of me doing Death Stare. The scarf looks good though!

So the scarf. I've used two skeins of Astronaut in two colourways. Each skein is 200 grams and 130 metres and I used every inch of yarn. So yes, you can get a scarf out of one skein. For reference, I'm 5'4" (164 cm).

The Countess wears a superchunky knitted garter stitch scarf


This next photo shows how far two skeins will get; this is why I've purposefully knitted this in two colours so you can visualise it better. We get a number of beginner knitters visiting the studio and they've found this scarf to be super useful.


Countess wears a garter stitch superchunky knitted scarf


This photo I've had enough for the week and need to go home and hide, preferably wrapped up in this scarf!


Countess wears a two colour superchunky yarn knitted scarf


🤘 Details: 🤘
Cast on 21 stitches using 12mm needles
S1 purlwise and k to end
Repeat on each row

Colourways are Radioactive Raspberry Jam and Who's Going To Believe A Talking Head


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