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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
The sky is falling down! Countess Ablaze

The sky is falling down!

So I spotted a leak in the studio ceiling. It wasn't a massive leak, nothing too drastic and having an ace landlord, he sent someone round to tighten up all the pipes and things in the floor above and we hoped that would be that. And it was, briefly.

On Saturday morning, bright and breezy I open up the doors and on the floor is a t̶i̶d̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶a̶v̶e̶ large puddle of water on the floor. Instantly I'm having flashbacks to last year when I couldn't work for three months last summer because I had a leak in the old workshop that wrecked the electrics and the landlord did a botch job at fixing it so I found myself a much, much better studio. As you can see, leaks can bring high levels of anxiety but it's okay, everything is safe. I even, somehow, managed to vend at Joeli's Kitchen retreat on Sunday despite that anxiety of feeling like the sky is falling down.

Fortunately I got the entire studio packed away. Now I may have been a little too thorough in this undertaking but I wasn't taking any chances. It does mean that I'm behind schedule with the penultimate installment of The Odyssey Trail but I am hoping, pray to Yarn Gods with me here, that it will be next Friday instead.

The leak is fixed so the studio will be back to normal for opening to visitors on Friday and Saturday and I've had a couple of enforced days off work which I probably really needed. I took this time to learn the basics of brioche knitting.

Something people say a lot when they visit the studio is "I bet you do loads of knitting in here, eh?" and you know what, I don't. Not because I don't want to but I never have the time. So I soothed this week's anxiety by remembering what brought me to knitting in the first place. Sometimes we need reminding about taking things slower. I run a knitting based business and advocate how crafts can help with mental health so I really should practise what I preach. Now I'm on the brioche bandwagon.

 Pattern: Brioche Slouch Hat by Lavanya Patricella

Instructions I used to learn the stitches by Knitting Stitch Patterns

~ Countess Ablaze

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