February 11, 2016

I was recently asked by Hellskitsch on Instagram what the most favourite skein I've dyed is. This wasn't a random question by Hellskitsch as she has been assigned by the lovely folk at FibreShare to send me a parcel in their successful international yarn swap.

Well have you SEEN Hellskitsch's photography? If you're a yarn type, chances are you have. Those breathtaking photos all over Ravelry and Pinterest - yup, Hellskitsch.

Well the pressure was on. Fortunately I had the DSLR in the studio and an abundance of nervous energy. A brief moment of Manchester sunshine completed the hat trick.

This is the skein. It was part of Round 6 Tia Merino Club and is called The Perfect Drug. So much colour, splashes of black, yep, that'll do.

Now Hellskitch's trademark yarn pose tends to look something like this which I've attempted to recreate. Not too shoddy, not perfect, we'll blame the tools and not the photographer.


Now artfully dump it in a wooden bowl and stick in on the ground.



Then I made the skein into a loop, chucked it on the wall and sort of lay on the low wall with my legs akimbo looking like a right prat. My studio is on a very busy main road so there were a lot of odd looks about what I was doing. Check it, going for the urban look, oh yes.


Taking photographs of yarn is perfectly normal. If anybody tells you otherwise, cast them out, you don't need that negativity in your life  (they probably take photos of their dinner to show the internet.)

So there we go, how the Countess tries to impress the amazing photographer that is Hellskitsch, who makes this look so easy. It isn't. But there we go, that's my favourite skein.


~ Countess Ablaze