January 31, 2016

Why hallo there, it's the Countess here. I just want to give you a little heads up that I'm taking a couple of days out of the studio this week so if you get your orders in by 11am on Tuesday 2nd February, they'll go out before I have some time off. The next postage date will the Saturday 6th February because I'm one of those crazy people who likes to frequent the Post Office on Saturdays.

The studio won't be open on Friday 5th for visiting hours but we're back open as normal on Saturday. As I'm also super organised, I have a small shop update that will automatically go live on Friday 5th at 7pm GMT of regular colourways dyed on North Ronaldsay yarn and the luxurious baby camel and mulberry silk 4ply that you're all loving right now.

The knit group is absolutely thriving as you can see by my filter laden Instagram photo that's purposely blurred to make it a bit more non-identifying. It's an absolute honour to have so many of you sharing your Saturday afternoon in a blur of coffee and cake with us.


If you come to knit group, you're more than welcome to use the car park at the back of the building. It's the car park for the parade of buildings which is packed full of cars during the week for all the building's staff but is wonderfully quiet on Saturdays.


Have a beautiful week!

~ Countess.