November 29, 2015

It's coming up to the end of the year so here's a quick run down of dates that may be of interest:


Saturday 5th December  knitting & crochet group in the studio 1-3pm
Friday 11th December Studio closed to visitors to set up for the Saturnalia Party
Saturday 12th December Saturnalia Party for ticket holders, 3pm onwards (no knit group this weekend)
Saturday 19th December knitting & crochet group in the studio 1-3pm


The studio will be closed to visitors until Friday 8th January 2016.



These are the dates that Royal Mail recommends for parcels likely to arrive at their destination if sent by these dates. Please note that these are recommendations and not guarantees. If you wish to order for (fingers crossed, it'll get there!) Christmas delivery, please order by:

Sunday 6th December Japan, Far East, Asia & Eastern Europe
Wednesday 9th December Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Sunday 13th December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Monday 14th December Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Tuesday 15th December Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
Wednesday 16th December France
Thursday 17th December Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland
Sunday 20th December


If you don't fancy risking ordering yarn and fibre as Christmas presents, gift cards are also available in the shop. These are digital cards which are emailed to you and you can email or print off to give to your recipient.



The Odyssey Trail was intended to wrap up at the end of December but with being out of dyeing action over the summer months, that schedule is out of whack. There are three Odyssey updates left and those will be at the end of January, February and March 2016, leaving nine months to a new classical theme that ties in nicely with The Odyssey. (Hint, it isn't The Iliad!)