November 25, 2015

Each month I shall be dyeing 12 colourways on both yarn and spinning fibre inspired by the story of Odysseus' journey. Colourways are exclusive to The Odyssey Trailand will not be repeated. Colourways will be associated with characters, events and quotes from each book.

If you would like to read along, the version that I will be using is a translation by Richmond Lattimore and is available in paperback and Kindle version. (This links to Amazon UK). ISBN: 0060931957.

As The Odyssey is split into twenty four books, we'll be reading two books per month and the colourways will be released on the last Friday of the month. Books 17 and 18 will go live on Friday 27th November at 7pm GMT.Below you'll find the yarn preview of which there'll be between 10 and 20 skeins available per colourway.



That bitter lamentation - Merino single ply fingering



My mother, I will tell you the whole true story - Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank



Sacrificing great-sized sheep -Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank


Nymphs of the fountain - Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank



Do not answer him at such length -Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank



Suitors of this glorious queen - The Exotic Traveller 4ply




I do not care if you live or die - Falkland merino & mulberry silk aran



The wandering of this greedy creature -Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank



Circumspect Penelope - Merino, nylon & stellina sock blank



My reputation would be more great and splendid -Merino single ply fingering



Comb your wool in your hands -Falkland merino & mulberry silk aran



Fools, you are out of your mind - Bluefaced Leicester & nylon sock yarn


PLEASE NOTE - there will not be a fibre update this month.