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So you have a variegated yarn that's just far too scary to actually use...

November 23, 2015 2 min read

So you have a variegated yarn that's just far too scary to actually use... | Countess Ablaze

This is something that I've touched upon before, using variegated yarns with a semi solid colour. I'm a huge fan of doing this because lets face it, sometimes I dye multis that are just a tad too scary to use effectively.

So with two colourways, Persia as my semi solid and This Ain't A Scene as the speckled variegated, I have two very different projects to show you.


First up is Yarn Tamer, a pattern from Louise Zass-Bangham of Inspiration Knits and is from the book Knit, Play, Colourwhich I have available in the shop. This knitted cowl uses the semi solid yarn to tame the variegated one.

This Ain't A Scene is immediately muted and becomes very wearable. The pops of colour keep this looking quite fun and striking. It's also really relaxing to knit.


The other project was crocheted for the studio by talented hook wielding Teri, who with a touch of genius has created a mashup shawl of two crochet patterns. The bulk of the shawl is from Goldberry by Michele DuNaier and uses stitches to create predominately solid fabric with bursts of lace.

In this close up you can see crocheted lace in This Ain't A Scene which is completely lost in the complexity of the speckles. Teri wanted to do this portion in the variegated to highlight how problematic speckles can be with lace. By highlight, I mean the lace needs pointing out because it's difficult to see!


For the rest of the lace, Teri switched to Persia to create stripes and really show off those lace stitches.

The edge of the shawl is finished off with incorporating the edging from the Seaform pattern by Kimberly K. McAlindin, which looks very Art Deco and really complements the rest of the shawl, bringing together the two colourways.

Variegated yarns can be the sort of thing that look great to buy and look at but if you're not comfortable with showing them off, I'm hoping these two projects will give you some inspiration. Huge thanks to Teri for brightening up my studio wall with this fabulous crochet shawl.

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