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The Odyssey Trail : Books Thirteen & Fourteen : YARN

September 30, 2015 2 min read

Each month I shall be dyeing 12 colourways on both yarn and spinning fibre inspired by the story of Odysseus' journey. Colourways are exclusive to The Odyssey Trailand will not be repeated. Colourways will be associated with characters, events and quotes from each book.

If you would like to read along, the version that I will be using is a translation by Richmond Lattimore and is available in paperback and Kindle version. (This links to Amazon UK). ISBN: 0060931957.

As The Odyssey is split into twenty four books, we'll be reading two books per month and the colourways will be released on the first Friday of the month. Books 13 and 14 will go live on Friday 2nd October at 7pm BST.Below you'll find the yarn preview of which there'll be between 10 and 20 skeins available per colourway.


A blameless wife- Bluefaced Leicester and Masham Aran


Thunderous crash of the sea -BFL and tussah silk lace


Wakened from sleep in his own fatherland- Merino, nylon and mohair sock


Do not cross me with evil temper - Merino, nylon and mohair sock


Speed of his feet- Bluefaced Leicester and Masham Aran


Weave the design -Merino, nylon and mohair sock



Forever filled with fear-BFL and tussah silk lace


Old sir might spin out a well-made story -Merino, nylon and mohair sock


Odysseus is on his way home -Bluefaced Leicester and Masham Aran


Zeus drew on a blue-black cloud -Bluefaced Leicester and Masham Aran


Wine sets even a thoughtful man to song -Merino, nylon and mohair sock


Sheltered from the North Wind -Merino, nylon and mohair sock

I absolutely LOVE tussah silk and I've avoided having any tussah silk yarns for one reason: you're more likely to experience crocking with this type of fibre. Crocking is different to bleeding and is when dye rubs off the surface when you are knitting and crocheting. There are many reasons for this, which I've written about previously. It's quite common when using indigo dye, for example. The yarns have been washed well in hand warm water and I am getting no bleeding under my water conditions. If you experience crocking and the dye rubs onto your hands, washing your hands with soap and water removes the dye with ease.
I haven't decided whether or not I will carry this yarn as a permanent addition to the shop but having been asked for tussah silk a lot, I thought I'd give it a shot and see what you think. There will be crocking reminders on the printed labels.

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