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The Odyssey Trail : Books Eleven & Twelve : FIBRE

by Countess Ablaze September 04, 2015

Below you'll find the fibre preview.


Hidden in cloud and fog - 80% merino & 20% llama


Wandering a long time - Polwarth & tussah silk


Sent by way of proud Persephone - Finn


The soul of Agamemnon - Superwash merino pencil roving


Died for the sake of Helen - Finn


An endless spell of misery - Perendale



Skylla, whose howling is terror - Superwash merino pencil roving


Sirens and their singing - Perendale


The men were terrified - Polwarth and tussah silk



Shining Charybdis - Superwash merino pencil roving


A supernatural storm - Perendale


The cattle of Helios the sun god - Superwash merino pencil roving



Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze