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by Countess Ablaze May 29, 2015

This update sees a new dye technique being used at Countess Ablaze. Introducing BAKED! which is a multi layered technique of yarn being dyed in various stages, of it being wound into cakes and then back to hanks then to cakes, etc. Dye is injected into the cake to create colour concentrations.


There are two colourways of this in tonight's update at 7pm BST, the green/teal which is With evil thoughts in her heart and pinks/purples is Taste the lotus and forget the way home. I dragged out the knitting machine to quickly make up a sample of the green.

I have not dyed this intending to be a gradient yarn but there is an element of a gradient in there. The darker end of the teal loses it's concentration to become speckles throughout the knitted panel until there are very few speckles at the opposite green end. I am anticipating that Taste the lotus and forget the way home will knit in a similar manner although there are two ends with different colour concentrations, one purple and the other a reddish pink with neon pink throughout. BAKED! yarns come wound into a cake ready to knit with; I prefer to pull from the outer edge rather than in the centre which often causes the yarn to collapse and tangle. BAKED! yarns also come in boxes.

However if you're looking for proper-proper gradient yarn, I'm going to recommend to you my favourite gradient dyer and that is Gradiance Yarns on Etsy and she is based in the UK.

There will be more BAKED! yarns coming to the shop in the coming weeks.

Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze