The Odyssey Trail : Books Nine & Ten - YARN

May 28, 2015

Each month I shall be dyeing 12 colourways on both yarn and spinning fibre inspired by the story of Odysseus' journey. Colourways are exclusive to The Odyssey Trailand will not be repeated. Colourways will be associated with characters, events and quotes from each book.

If you would like to read along, the version that I will be using is a translation by Richmond Lattimore and is available in paperback and Kindle version. (This links to Amazon UK). ISBN: 0060931957.

As The Odyssey is split into twenty four books, we'll be reading two books per month and the colourways will be released on the last Friday of the month. Books Nine and Ten will go live on Friday 29th May at 7pm BST.Below you'll find the yarn preview of which there'll be between 10 and 20 skeins available per colourway.



Night sprang from heaven - North Ronaldsay light fingering


Taste the lotus and forget the way home - BFL & nylon sock yarn using new BAKED! dye technique (100 gram cakes)


Are you recklessly roving as pirates do? - BFL & Masham DK



Stranger, you are a simple fool- BFL & mulberry silk fingering


Nobody is my name -BFL & Masham DK


Dark-clouded son of Kronos -Merino, nylon & mohair sock yarn



Handsome treasures from the plunder of Troy -BFL & mulberry silk fingering


Circe, the dread goddess who talks with mortals -BFL & Masham DK


Singing in a sweet voice -Merino, nylon & mohair sock yarn


Pigs -BFL & mulberry silk fingering


Nearly related to me by marriage -North Ronaldsay light fingering


With evil thoughts in her heart -BFL & nylon sock yarn using new BAKED! dye technique (100 gram cakes)