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The Odyssey Trail : Books Three and Four : FIBRE

by Countess Ablaze February 26, 2015

As The Odyssey is split into twenty four books, we'll be reading two books per month and the colourways will be released on the last Friday of the month. Books Three and Four will go live on Friday 27th February at 7pm GMT. Below you'll find the fibre preview.

As an aside, the sharpness of the fibre photos is not as good as usual although the colours are correct. The light is Manchester is very variable right now and I have a photo-sensitivity allergy preventing me from using studio lights. Hopefully the light will be more stable next month!



I have no experience in close discourse - mixed BFL

I follow the wide fame of my father - mohair, mulberry silk and nylon


We fabricated evils - mixed BFL


Grey-eyed Athene - mixed BFL


My own sons at your service - Wensleydale and tussah silk


The desire for eating and drinking - mohair, mulberry silk and nylon



Such abundance of everything - superwash merino


A child endures many griefs - Wensleydale and tussah silk


A medicine of heartsease - custom blend


Drawn dark water - mohair, mulberry silk and nylon


Old Man Of The Sea - superwash merino


In the Palace of the nymph Kalypso - superwash merino

Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze