February 03, 2015

With the start of The Odyssey Trail, I decided to introduce three new yarn bases. I've fancied bringing these bases to the shop for a little while and decided that the launch of the new theme was a great time to do it.

Lord of Silk Aran is a soft and lightweight yarn has just the right amount of mulberry silk for constructing a sophisticated fabric, complete with a subtle marl created by two plies of merino and one ply of silk. This yarn is blessed with beautifully soft Falkland merino wool for next-to-skin wear, perfect for both garments and accessories. Just one skein would knit into a hat, perfect for keeping warm in those cooler months.

Each skein weighs 100 grams / 3.5 oz and is 155 metres / 168 yards. I knitted a Chelsea Market Hat by Caryl Pierre (Ravelry link)and still had some to spare, definitely enough for a pom pom. One of the things that surprised me about how this yarn knitted up was just how subtle that marl is. I was expecting it to me a bit more prominent but instead was subtle and added a beautiful compliment to the colours instead of a contrast. It also glows a little when the light catches the silk.

One of the things I have added to the website over the past month is a new Yarns Available page. You may have noticed that I've revamped the product pages too to give more information but in a table format so it's neat and tidy. With these two things, I've added information about where the fibre was from and where the yarn was spun. Very occasionally I get asked this question about a yarn or two but thought "let's be transparent and put it up there".

As you can see, I source a selection of yarn from different suppliers and each supplier spins their yarn in different places. I do find it incredibly important to source yarn that is British wool which has been sourced, processed and spun here in the UK, to crunch down some of those air miles so some bases do fit the bill.  One of the things that I have noticed in online knitting communities is how many people are not aware where in the world their yarn was spun, I've even seen other dyers not aware that when they say "British wool", that can sometimes be only half of the story. This production information may not be of a concern to everybody but if you're interested in where your wool has been, I hope it helps in your purchasing decisions.

The next installment of The Odyssey Trail will be Friday 27th February 2015 at 7pm GMT. I was hoping to have more of this yarn base available to you for then but sadly the supplier of this yarn only ever sells small amounts of yarn. However I am hoping to have the DK version available for the update.