December 26th : Domitian Fibres

December 24, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 26th December at 11am GMT, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Domitian, the last Caesar in the collection.

Escape across the Tiber - Grey Suffolk


Bribes and Promises - custom blend fibre


Three gold pieces a head - superwash BFL pencil roving


Orders under the Scantinian Law - Grey Suffolk


An Emperor who does not punish informers - superwash BFL pencil roving


I have given up sex and gone into training - kid mohair, mulberry silk and nylon


Hot-headed and cunning into the bargain - superwash BFL pencil roving


Too many rulers are a dangerous thing - kid mohair, mulberry silk and nylon


Serve them tomorrow - if tomorrow ever comes - superwash BFL pencil roving




All Emperors are necessarily wretched - kid mohair, mulberry silk and nylon