New colourway : Pond Scum

November 14, 2014

The next update of repeatable colourways will be today - Friday 14th November at 7pm GMT.

There will be plenty of sock yarns in lots of popular colourways such as Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker, Girl At The Rock Show, Break Me Down, Stage Fright, Ice Queen, This Ain't A Scene, Northern Lights and more.

I also have a new repeatable colourway : Pond Scum. This will be available on two bases.

Merino, nylon and stellina sock yarn



Extra fine merino DK


There will also be plenty of hand dyed fibres on different bases - Cheviot, Dorset Horn, Norwegian, superwash Merino and Faux Cashmere.


With the end of year approaching fast, here is a quick run down of the last days to orderbefore Christmas:


2nd December - Asia, Far East, Australia and New Zealand

8th December - Eastern Europe and Canada

11th December - USA

12th December - Western Europe

19th December - UK