October 24th : Vespasian Fibre

October 23, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 24th October at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Vespasian.

An Obscure Family - custom blend

Remained his wife in all but name - superwash merino

Remembered his imperial ambitions - Norwegian

Bewildered in his new role of Emperor - BFL

I should have not minded so much if it had been garlic - BFL

Frequent murders & longstanding neglect - BFL

The debauched & reckless style of living - superwash merino

Oh, go to Plague-ville! - BFL

No innocent party was ever punished - BFL

So the fox has changed his fur but not his nature! - grey merino and tussah silk

A dealer in small cubes of fish - Norwegian

How will I enter that item in your expense ledger? - Norwegian

The pedestal is waiting - Norwegian