September 26th : Vitellius Fibre

September 25, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 26th September at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Vitellius.


Flatterers and assailants of the Emperor - BFL and massam


A dealer of confiscated property - Pencil roving merino silk


A scandalous infatuation - Bluefaced Leicester


Replacing gold and silver with brass and tin - Pencil roving merino silk


Rejected the name Caesar - Pencil roving merino silk


Far far short of imperial standards - Pencil roving merino silk


An all-night debauch - Bluefaced Leicester


Extravagance and Cruelty - Custom blend of merino, Angelina sparkle, seacell & baby alpaca


Shield of Minerva - Batts


Lampoonists and astrologers - Bluefaced Leicester


Stand fast! - Batts


Very well, I will adopt the surname Concordia - Bluefaced Leicester


Stairs of Mourning - Bluefaced Leicester