Halloween swap fun & a quick shop holiday for the Countess

September 04, 2014

Hallo folks! I would like to announce this years BIG SWAP for Halloween.

The mods of the Ravelry group have announced a blow out swap for Halloween / All Saints Day / Day of the Dead / insert your poison of choice here, rather than Christmas when we are at the mercy of postage cut off dates at the end of the year.

As always there are some small rules but nothing too gruesome.

Find the Halloween swap here!

I shall be closing the shop for a week as of Thursday 11th until Thursday 18th September inclusive as I shall be hosting my first Open Studio event on Saturday 13th and this introverted Countess needs a chance to recharge her batteries.

If you are on the guest list for Open Studio and you are unable to make it, I’ll need to know before this weekend. I’ve got furniture for hire coming to transform my workshop into a showroom for the day with plenty of space for sitting. Also, I’m having catering done too (I have too much to do, little time and one pair of hands). So I need final numbers before this weekend. As space is limited, I have a reserve list of people wishing to come and I'd like to be able to allocate places if you cannot come.

If like me and you’re a person who isn’t 100% well and is often of the “I need to see how I feel on the day” way of life, let me know. I’m actually incredibly understanding and would much rather be told so I know you might not be able to make it but you also might still come.

Please bear in mind that I’m hosting a free event, I’m not asking for any contributions other than a commitment to coming. The absolute last thing that I want is to spend money where it would be wasted. Thanks!