August 13, 2014

You know how it is with websites, they can get unruly if they aren't tended to. They develop a life of their own. They get big, links end up all over the place. Things get a little messy. So I've spent the past week tending to the housekeeping, tidying up the shop and making sure everything was in it's right place. It wasn't particularly messy in the slightest but I've done something that might make the Sold Out sections a little more cohesive.


I've split the Sold Out into two collections - The Regular Colourways and The Twelve Caesars Collection and merged all the Caesar info into the same page. Everything Caesar is now in one place, well, except the items that are still in stock. Like this one, let me tempt you!



But yes, all the sold out Twelve Caesars are together in one place, although technically we're at Seven Caesars! The next Caesar update will be 7pm UK time on Friday 29th August and we will be greeted by the Emperor Otho. But now we have a nice gallery:



There's till some spots available on the Fibre Club and Sock Club if you're interested too. Sign ups close on August 22nd.