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Countess Ablaze Clubs : Round Two

by Countess Ablaze August 07, 2014

Clubs are back! I am not kidding around here, Round Two of clubs is coming.

"When?" you might ask.

Tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!


I'm hosting two clubs in Round Two. There will be Sock Club and Fibre Club.

Yes, I know, I know, there were three clubs in Round One with Rustic Club but this Countess is a busy girl and rather than over-extend myself and dye the mediocre, it is far better to cut back on something during the busy knitting season in the northern hemisphere.


Lets have a quick recap of what appeared in Round One:


Sock Club consists of a skein of Lady Persephone each month and the Lady consists of 75% superwash Bluefaced Leicester and 25% nylon. Personally I am a huge fan of BFL for socks because the long stapled nature of the fibre keeps the yarn strong and is much, much less likely to pill than a short stapled merino yarn.


Fibre Club consists of 150 grams (5.3oz or so - I had to look that up, we're not too familiar with fibre as ounces in the UK!) of wool or a wool blend. Round One saw Finn, BFL & Seacell and Moorit Shetland & Tussah Silk. Each month the fibre will be a complete surprise but the only things I can definitely promise are no mohair, alpaca or superwash wool which is perfect if you have allergies, sensitivities and don't fancy superwash wool.


When will the clubs be available?

Friday 8th August about 10ish BST.


How long have I got to sign up?

You have until Friday 22nd August unless they sell out beforehand.


How much are the clubs?

UK membership = £55

European membership = £59

International membership = £62

Membership lasts for three months, includes postage and you'll get a braid of fibre or a skein of sock yarn each month in September, October and November.


Are the club colourways repeatable?

Nope, they are exclusive to the club and never to be repeated.


I have a Countess Ablaze gift card. Can I put the value towards a membership?

Of course!


So tomorrow, you say?

That's right, see you tomorrow!


Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze


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