August 1st Update : Galba Fibres

July 31, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 1st August at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Galba.


Twelve Axes - sw merino


Temple of Jupiter - Wensleydale


You too will taste a little of my power, child - Gotland & Finn

The Year of the Four Caesars - BFL & Massam


Favoured by the gods -BFL & Massam



A thunderbolt struck the Temple of Caesars -Gotland & Finn


Please enjoy your vigour still! -custom blend fibre

Soldier, soldier on parade! - Wensleydale

Goddess Fortune -sw merino

Owing to financial embarrassment -sw merino

The Sacred Chickens -BFL &Massam

Cruelty & Greed - sw merino

Reigned seven months - sw merino

Nobody can be forced to give an account of doing nothing - Wensleydale