July 4th Update : Nero Fibres

July 03, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 4th July at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Nero.

A child destined to become a public danger -BFL & firestar


The Best of Mothers - superwash merino



The Phalanx of Alexander the Great - superwash merino



Unheard melodies are never sweet - BFL & massam



The Neronia - BFL & massam



Of men being so bored of music -BFL & massam



Prowl the streets in search of mischief -superwash merino



The passion he felt for his mother -BFL & massam



Practiced every kind of obscenity -superwash merino



The Golden House - BFL & seacell



The Poison, The Ceiling and The Boat -superwash merino



The Fall of Ilium -BFL &firestar



A simple craft will keep a man from want -BFL & seacell



Beware the seventy third year - grey Shetland



The Privy Purse - custom blend of Shetland, yak and firestar



How ugly and vulgar my life has become! -superwash merino



A thirst for popularity - BFL & massam