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A quick look at how I dye fibre

June 23, 2014 1 min read

I'm not normally so forward about my techniques but seeing as though I've revealed a lot in my blog post about bleeding, I thought well why not?! This is a technique that I've used for 2.5 years now so if you've bought fibre from me, this is how I've dyed it. I am fond of mixing my colours in the dye pot itself, building layer upon layer of colour like a watercolour painting. The benefit of this is that this produces subtle changes in the colours. I have even perfected the technique to do the wilder variegations that I do too. As I was dyeing one of the OOAK Nero colourways last week, I decided to take some photographs (carefully, I've busted one mobile phone before by taking photos of yarn in steam - there are times when I do the most stupid of things!)

This colourway is made up on four layers of colour as you can see. My colourways consist of anything from two to six layers.


This is the finished fibre, it's BFL and Seacell and although subtle, you can see the variation in the colours.

And here is another one that I did last week that is made up of six layers of dye. There's a lot more movement in the colours when I dye this way and a bit more of that unpredictable element which I really love.


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