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Variegated yarn + Solid yarn = Gorgeous

Variegated yarns can be tricky. I don't know about you but I have a habit of acquiring single skeins of variegated yarn from other dyers and ones I stash from my own shop and I never know what to do with them. But with a bit of thought, they can knit up amazingly with the right pattern, the right stitch, the right texture.

Lightspeed using Countess Ablaze



Seriously, I loved knitting this. I loved knitting it so much that I’ve bought Barbara Walker’s book about mosaic knitting and I’m going to devour it whole.

I got a bit knit happy on the first portion and forgot to weigh my grey yarn. When I finally did, I was at 56 grams knitted. I’m far too lazy to rip back so I started the colourwork, got a bit knit happy with that too and did a third block of colour seeing as though I had to buy another grey yarn to compensate for my enthusiasm. The seed stitch at the end was a killer as the rows were pretty long but it is oh so worth it. Soaked in Navia for an hour and then draped over the dressmakers dummy to dry as my blocking pins seem to have gone walkabouts. Prior to washing the fabric was really dense but now it drapes incredibly well.

My aim was to show how a wildly variegated hand dyed yarn (dyed by yours truly) would look against a commercially dyed & spun yarn. I rather love it and it shows how variegated yarns can be used effectively.


Lightspeed by Countess Ablaze

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