May 30th Update : Claudius Fibres

May 27, 2014

Here's a quick preview of the fibres coming on Friday 30th May at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Claudius.


The Noblest Spoils - Manx

When not wool-gathering, he shows a very decent character - BFL

An eagle swooped down - Whiteface Woodland

These honours did not protect him from frequent insults - BFL superwash pencil roving

An emperor by an extraordinary accident - Falkland

Sitting in court, even on his own birthday - Corriedale pencil roving


I decide in favour of the party which has told the truth - Falkland

Inconsistent in his general principles - Manx

As much for profit as for glory - Corriedale pencil roving


Exposing his left hand in plebeian fashion - BFL superwash pencil roving


The bigamy of Valeria Messalina - Whiteface woodland


Acquire such riches, by illegitimate means - BFL superwash pencil roving


He seemed to be their servant rather than their emperor - Manx

Bedclothes shaken out - BFL superwash pencil roving

Am I still Emperor? - Black baby llama and tussah silk

How can anyone live without an occasional snack? - Corriedale pencil roving

Eight volumes of an autobiography - BFL superwash pencil roving

Repented of having married Agrippina and adopted Nero - Black baby llama and tussah silk

He foresaw his end and made no secret of it - Manx

The Gods forbid! - Custom Blend (Shetland, Baby Alpaca and Kid Mohair)