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Free shipping on UK orders over £40 and international orders over £150!

May 30th Update : Claudius Yarns

Here's a quick preview of the yarns coming on Friday 30th May at 7pm UK time, as part of The Twelve Caesars Collection of Claudius. There will be ten skeins available of each colourway.


The Noblest Spoils - BFL & Mulberry Silk fingering weight


When not wool-gathering, he shows a very decent character - MCN High Twist Sock


An eagle swooped down - BFL & Mulberry Silk fingering weight


These honours did not protect him from frequent insults - Extrafine Merino DK


An emperor by an extraordinary accident - MCN High Twist sock


Sitting in court, even on his own birthday - Extrafine Merino DK


I decide in favour of the party which has told the truth - Extrafine Merino DK


Inconsistent in his general principles - MCN High Twist sock


As much for profit as for glory - MCN High Twist sock


Exposing his left hand in plebeian fashion - MCN High Twist sock


The bigamy of Valeria Messalina - Baby Camel and Mulberry Silk laceweight


Acquire such riches, by illegitimate means - Merino single ply fingering


He seemed to be their servant rather than their emperor - Merino single ply fingering


Bedclothes shaken out - Merino single ply fingering


Am I still Emperor? - Baby Camel & Mulberry Silk lace


How can anyone live without an occasional snack? - Extra fine Merino DK


Eight volumes of an autobiography - Extra fine Merino DK


Repented of having married Agrippina and adopted Nero - Baby Camel & Mulberry Silk lace


He foresaw his end and made no secret of it - Merino single ply fingering


The Gods forbid! - BFL & Nylon sock

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