New Caesars KAL (with Stitchnerd & Countess Ablaze)

May 25, 2014

Words by Ravelry groupmoderator Sarcazm, Rachael.

Images belong to the pattern designer, Stitchnerd.



We’re combining the best of both worlds with this one: stitchnerd’s New Caesars patterns with Countess Ablaze yarns! There will be mosaic knitting! There will be cowls! There will be shawls! There will be lots of chances to win fabulous prizes! There will be an alarming over-abundance of exclamation points!

Here’s how it works:

There will be two threads - a chat thread (this one) and a no-chat prize thread. Everyone (except for the CA mods) is eligible to enter their projects into the prize thread. Previously knit and/or tested projects from the “New Caesars” mosaic collection count, and each person has a maximum number of entries into what is essentially an RNG ‘raffle’ drawing of 6.

  • If you knit 1 item with 1 of the yarns being Countess Ablaze and post a photo in the prize thread, that counts as an entry (please note which yarn was CA).

  • If you knit 1 item with 2 of the yarns being Countess Ablaze and post a photo in the prize thread, that counts as a second entry (please post again w/ photo and list the second yarn used for RNG purposes).

  • If you submit your FO to the gallery on the Countess Ablaze website, and then post the link back to it once it’s been uploaded, like this example from the Countess herself: gallery entry: only when invited handspun swimming with salmon cowl

Also, for the spinners, handspun yarns made from Countess Ablaze fibres count as well!

You can double your number of entries by knitting both patterns in the collection - and you can get both patterns in the collection at a discounted price as opposed to purchasing each one separately. Sweet!

There are a number of generous prize donations as well, and in advance we can all thank CountessAblaze and stitchnerd for those!



The Prizes
  • Two £15 skeins of Countess Ablaze yarn & tote bag
  • One £15 skein of Countess Ablaze yarn & tote bag
  • Two mini-skeins of CA Lady Persephone Sock yarn & tote bag
  • One e-book of your choosing of stitchnerd designs
  • Two patterns of your choosing of stitchnerd designs
  • One pattern of your choosing of stitchnerd designs

Note: Yarn must be chosen from stock on hand and shipping is free

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of FO’s from stitchnerds as well as Countess Ablaze(rs?) group members as well! And let’s photobomb the gallery with New Caesars shawls and cowls - it will be epic!

If anyone has any questions regarding the patterns, please feel free to earburn Susan @ stitchnerd - she is more than happy to help.

The KAL will run from today, May 24th, until needles down on Friday, July 18th. This gives everyone enough time to order yarn if they need from the next update (Claudius) and have it delivered, and still knit something beautiful. For the faster knitters, enough time to get the maximum amount of entries in for the RNG prize raffle as well. Please make sure all images are posted to the prize thread and submitted to the gallery by July 19th so that by July 20th you can make sure all gallery upload hyperlinks are posted as well.

I will lock the prize thread at midnight CST on Sunday, July 20th, and do the prize drawing and announce the winners on Monday, July 21st.

Have fun everyone and happy knitting!


~ sarcazm