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🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦

In which the Countess admits defeat.

It's not easy admitting defeat. In the grand old scheme of things, my defeat is a small minor one but it's one I've held off for a while.

You see, it's my yarn bands. I make them. I cut them, I iron them, I add tags to them. Anywhere between 500 - 1000 yarn bands per month.

I can't do it any more. I am dreaming of making yarn bands. I love how they look but hate how laborious they are. I needed a solution. Finding somebody to do them for me is expensive and felt almost cruel, ironing all those yarn bands. It gets torturous after a while. Having them printed directly onto ribbon is eye wateringly expensive for how may reels I'd need and I couldn't bear the thought of passing on that cost to you. I needed a solution that kept the essence of the ribbon yarn bands. I wanted to keep the button badges.


This is how the new yarn bands will look. I actually rather like them.



So there we have it, I can now spend more time dyeing (or resting as my husband keeps insisting that I do!) but I'll still attach the tags for The Twelve Caesars Collection of the emperors. They'll be a bit of a transition period of orders having old tags as well as new tags but that won't be for too long.

I admitted defeat. I hope you can understand why.

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