May 2nd Update - Caligula Fibres

May 02, 2014

These are the fibre colourways that will appear at 7pm UK time on Friday 2nd May:


"He lied with greater confidence" - superwash merino

"Mishandle the fiery sun chariot" - Finn batts



"What about a day's racing, Caesar?" - Humbug BFL


"He nursed a fantasy" - superwash BFL


"A capital offence to laugh" - mixed fibre batts



"Another fellow had pledged himself" - superwash merino

"Matched by his brutal language" - superwash BFL pencil roving

"Caligula always found some cause for envy" - superwash BFL pencil roving

"A notorious passion" - custom blend

"Contributors to the Imperial Revenue" - Humbug BFL


"Gather sea shells!" - Finn



"To mention goats in any context" - Humbug BFL


"He even dressed up as Venus" - Finn batts



"In honour of some god or other" - superwash BFL pencil roving



"Every Caesar named 'Gaius' had died by the sword" - Humbug BFL