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TGV & Garter Stitch

by Countess Ablaze April 17, 2014

Simple stitches, effortless. I've been thinking a lot about what sort of knitter I am and I have concluded that I'm entranced by simple patterns. I love the simplicity of mindless rows of stockinette and garter stitch. I love the rhythm of simple patterns like chevrons. Knitting chevrons is my absolute favourite way to relax. But when I'm feeling particularly unwell (like right now) then TGV by designer Susan Ashcroft is my go-to pattern. I never appreciated the beauty of garter stitch until I knitted my first TGV. Garter stitch always reminded me of learning to knit, a beginner's stitch, but the reality is that there is intense beauty in that simplicity that I had merely overlooked. Each stitch soothes the emotions which is very much welcome when battling the waves of chronic illness. I have Susan to thank for garter stitch appreciation. If there was an award for Services to Garter Stitch, it should go to Susan.
My first TGV was knitted with one of my very first hand dyed yarns. Back then I was dyeing in my small kitchen with a cheap microwave and very little space to move about. I love to compare the yarn I dyed back then with what I dye now. Back then the yarns had the one coat of dye, like what many dyers do, but now my yarns are layer upon layer of colour built up to create movement in the stitches.
There have been several TGVs knitted in my moments of intense physical pain. There's another on the needles right now. I am needing the soothing repetition.
With this in mind, I'll be postponing the next installment of Twelve Caesars Collection by a week. The last Friday falls on the 25th this month which seems really early so I hope you'll forgive me for stalling Caligula for a week. In the meantime, I've added lots of repeatable colourways on sock yarns into the shop and a bit of spinning fibre too.

Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze