March 28th Update - Tiberius Fibres

March 28, 2014

A quick preview of The Twelve Caesar Collection fibres that will be available from 7pm GMT tonight.


Of untrustworthy opinion - BFL


An inveterate dislike of Julia - sw merino


The Exile - custom blend


Only for want of any better choice - baby llama and tussah silk


His hatred of flatterers - baby camel and mulberry silk

The test of a free country - baby camel and mulberry silk

Come back in the seventh year - baby camel and mulberry silk

A drinker of hot wine with no water added - Bluefaced Leicester

In league with his mother to rule - superwash merino



A list of barbarities - baby llama and mulberry silk



Thrown into the sea - superwash merino


Beware the power of the mob - superwash merino