The new studio

March 10, 2014 1 min read

It is ready! I've spent three days cleaning and moving in, getting things unpacked and organised exactly the way that I want them. The studio consists of one large workroom. a kitchen and a bathroom so I'm pretty set up and comfortable.


This is the workspace when it was empty. The far end is the dry area for stock, packing and reskeining.


This is the other side with tons of built in shelving, perfect for the undyed yarn and fibre.


The reskeining area. I have more swifts on order to make sure of the motorised skeiner being able to wind three at a time.


The packing and carding area. I have coveted a packing area for so, so long. Until now it was a cramped section, things all over the place and no matter what I did, nothing was efficient because the number of orders + tiny space = chaos. I've already given this a test drive and all the weekend orders have been packed on here. It was much easier.No to redecorate the pinboard.



I'm now all set up and ready to start dyeing again in the morning. I'm thrilled with the new studio, there is plenty of space, huge amounts of natural daylight and the Post Office is the tiniest of strolls away. I'm afraid that it isn't a retail space where people can visit but for me to dye and work from, it's perfect.

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