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February 28th Update - Augustus fibres

February 28, 2014 1 min read

As promised, a quick preview of The Twelve Caesar Collection fibres that will be available from 7pm GMT tonight.


"Death had created a vacancy" - SW merino



"I will win this war, whatever Neptune may do!" - Faux angora


"An ornament for his triumph" - Gotland/Finn


Riots and Revolts - custom blend


"I found Rome built of sun-dried bricks; I leave her clothed in marble" - Baby llama & mulberry silk



Of Marriage and Family - Faux angora


Vestal Virgins - Mulberry silk brick



"A crowded betrothal party" - SW merino


"If they deserve this honour" - Gotland/Finn


"Indulging in every sort of vice" - Gotland/Finn



"Are you faithful to Livia Drusilla?" - SW merino


Saturnalia - batts



"For readers or story-tellers" - SW merino



A Love of Intellectuals - Mulberry silk lace



Atia and the Serpent - Donegal merino tweed fingering weight



"Appreciation with a warm goodbye" - Faux angora

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