February 28th Update : Augustus

February 26, 2014

Continuing with The Twelve Caesars Collection sees us through to the second biography which is Augustus. Here's a preview of the yarns that will be available from Friday 28th February at 7pm GMT. I'll hopefully get a preview of the fibres ready before then too and as always, there will be batches of regular colourways of yarns added to the update.


"Death had created a vacancy" - BFL sportsweight



"I will win this war, whatever Neptune may do!" - Donegal merino tweed fingering weight



"An ornament for his triumph" - merino silk lace



Riots and Revolts - merino stellina sock yarn



"I found Rome built of sun-dried bricks; I leave her clothed in marble" - MCN worsted


Of Marriage and Family - BFL DK


Vestal Virgins - merino silk lace



"A crowded betrothal party" - BFL sportsweight



"If they deserve this honour" - MCN worsted

"Indulging in every sort of vice" - Donegal merino tweed fingering weight


"Are you faithful to Livia Drusilla?" - BFL sportsweight



Saturnalia - merino stellina sock yarn



"For readers or story-tellers" - BFL silk fingering weight



A Love of Intellectuals - baby camel and silk lace


Atia and the Serpent - Donegal merino tweed fingering weight



"Appreciation with a warm goodbye" - baby camel and silk lace