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January Update : Julius Caesar – the fibre

February 01, 2014

I had full intentions of writing this post yesterday before the update went live but never got round to it having spent the day like a headless chicken and praying to the yarn gods that my first update on the new shop platform would go seamlessly. Fortunately it did so here is a late compilation of the spinning fibre that co-ordinates with the yarn.  I thought it was important that spinners and felters weren’t left out of The Twelve Caesars Collection.

1. Very well then, you win! (Oatmeal BFL)

Hand dyed oatmeal BFL spinning fibre

2. To his intense annoyance (Southdown)

Hand dyed Southdown

3. At an age when Alexander had already conquered the known world (BFL and Firestar)

Hand dyed green Bluefaced Leicester and firestar

4. The most flagrant bribery (mixed BFL, tussah silk and rainbow firestar)

Hand dyed luxury spinning wool

5. Three Wives and Many Lovers (mixed BFL, tussah silk and rainbow firestar)

Luxury spinning fibre, British wool

6. To govern alone and do very much as he pleased (oatmeal BFL)

Oatmeal BFL hand dyed spin fiber

7. A hitherto unknown country (oatmeal BFL)

British wool hand dyed BFL fibre

8. Rubicon (baby camel and silk)

Baby camel and silk luxury spinning fibre

9. Veni, vidi, vici (Southdown)

British wool hand dyed Southdown

10. A House on Sacred Way(mixed hand dyed fibre batts)

Carded fibre batts

11. Romans, lock up your wives! (oatmeal BFL)

Oatmeal BFL hand dyed felting fibre

12. I am Caesar, not king (black shetland and tussah silk)

Black shetland and tussah luxury fibre

13. Why, this is violence! (repeatable custom blend of Bluefaced Leicester, Flax & Kid Mohair)

Custom blend fibre from Countess Ablaze

14. You, too, my child?(faux angora / nylon)

Wool free, faux angora fibre for spinning

Some of these are still available in the shop now –

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