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A round up of Yarn Shop Day with Countess Ablaze & BritYarn

May 06, 2016 2 min read

A round up of Yarn Shop Day with Countess Ablaze & BritYarn | Countess Ablaze

Yarn, it's all the rage. 10am on the morning of Saturday 30th April and there was a queue outside. Harrods is missing a trick; they need yarn. The shutters went up and it was a constant crowd of people all day long. Throughout the day, over one hundred people came out to see us. It was heaving. This photo is 10am, just as we opened.

I invited BritYarn for a trunk show as I admire their woolly ethics. They are faithful to British fibres with an emphasis on citing provenance and country of production. I knew they'd be a great line up to have in the studio.

Image copyright of BritYarn


For the window display (I have frosted windows so the display needed to work inwards) we went for a Yarnarchy in the UK theme. I don't do twee, it doesn't work well with the neons.


It was definitely a headless chicken sort of day for us behind the scenes. There were five of us altogether: I was meeting, greeting, keeping shelves tidy and ordered to take plenty of rest breaks (recent mini-stroke, but I'm alright), my husband was stood at the till all day, Isla BritYarn was running her stall in the studio which was heaving, Graeme BritYarn and my artist friend Raji (of the epic wall mural) supplied endless cups of tea and coffee. Thank you to all of them for helping me with this most excellent of events.

Image copyright of Yarnison.


Thank you so much everybody who attended Yarn Shop Day!


~ Countess


Yarn Shop Day is kindly in hosted by Let's Knit magazine and is sponsored by The Campaign for Wool and British Wool Marketing Board.

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