April 25, 2016

This Saturday it is Love Your Yarn Shop across yarn shops in the UK and this annual event is hosted by Let's Knit magazine. To see where you can find participating shops, click below.

Love your yarn shop by Let's Knit


At Countess Ablaze we have tons of cake, tea, coffee (can't promise great weather, this is Manchester...) new yarn bases, new colourways but above all, we've invited BritYarn for a trunk show who has the very latest colourways from leading British sources. We are making this a British wool extravaganza! I am plotting the window display too.

If you are a blogger or podcaster and fancy bringing a poster along to put on the noticeboard, you'd be very welcome.

If you haven't visited the Countess Ablaze studio before, please take a gander at this page by clicking the image. All the parking and accessibility information can be found here.



Both BritYarn and Countess Ablaze are able to take card payments but if you prefer cash, there are tons of cash machines in the area. 

Here at Countess Ablaze, we know how to cater for a good do!

Tunnocks tea cakes