A new home for the Countess

January 14, 2014

Countess Ablaze knitting

Countess Ablaze knitting

I have moved the shop over to a new platform this week. I know, I know, I was only on the other platform for a short while but it was struggling to cope with the high traffic of all of you. So I’ve been working on a new shop front and it is finally done, ready and you can shop there now. The domain is still the same – www.countessablaze.com

There’s not the hugest amount in stock right now because you cleared me out over the Boxing Day Sales but there is a full restock of all the custom blends.

The next update will be on Friday 31st January at 7pm GMT and it will consist of a whole bunch of regular colourways such as Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker, Dark Days, King Midas, Northern Lights, etc. But this will also be the first month of The Twelve Caesars Collection. The first biography is Julius Caesar so I’ve been reading and re-reading an awful lot to get my dyeing inspiration. Each colourway is one of a kind and will come in both yarn and fibre format.

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