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The Odyssey Trail : Books Twenty One & Twenty Two : Fibre

by Countess Ablaze March 10, 2016

The Odyssey Trail : Books Twenty One & Twenty Two : Fibre

These are limited edition colourways and will be available from Friday 11th March 2016 at 7pm GMT.

BOOK 21:

Beautiful, brazen - Superwash merino pencil roving


Fragrant pieces of clothing - Bluefaced Leicester & Seacell


A prize set out before you - Superwash merino pencil roving


Take your turn in order from left to right - Bluefaced Leicester & Seacell


My spirit tells me to speak out - Superwash merino pencil roving


Home - Custom blend fibre


BOOK 22:

The vultures will eat you - Humbug blended Jacob


No more arrows left - Humbug blended Jacob


You complain, instead of standing up to suitors? - Superwash merino pencil roving


Leave all speech to the gods - Humbug blended Jacob



Bring me brimstone, old dame - Bluefaced Leicester & Seacell


Sweet longing for lamentation - Superwash merino pencil roving

Countess Ablaze
Countess Ablaze