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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn

Our history of charitable giving

Three years ago this month, I kicked off Tits Out Collective, an initiative that brought towards 286 indie dyers, designers and maker and raised £56,000+ for charities worldwide. 

Charitable giving, giving back to society and creating opportunity has always been at the heart of Countess Ablaze. As we reach ten years of business in November, with the world changing in ways we could never have imagined, I wish to do things differently, with an established framework that balances people, planet and profit rather than continuing to figure out all of this alone and feeling isolated as a business owner.


I have sought out specialist business mentorship from betternotstop with their Better Business Network to guide me through, to look at the things we've already successfully done (Living Wage Employer, Carbon Neutral, disability-friendly studio etc) and what many things need to be done now and in the future. 

If you have an eagle eye, you may already have noticed that I've added on our hand-dyed yarns on the website what supplier the yarn comes from. You want to know where your yarn is from, right? In time, I'll delve even deeper into this traceability.

1% for the Planet 

1% for the Planet is a great way for companies to help make the world a slightly better place. It started as a pledge from two companies (Patagonia and Blue Ribbon Flies) to donate 1% of their sales, regardless of profits, to support environmental causes. 

1% for the Planet was founded to prevent greenwashing, certify reputable giving and provide accountability. The 1% for the Planet certification is given to businesses and individuals that meet their high-bar commitment—donate 1% of annual sales or salary to environmental causes. 

Together they use the power of collective action to protect the environment and better our planet, giving over $250 million since 2002. It has become a global network of over 3000 business and individual members connected to over 4000 environmental nonprofits. 

Me + you

From 1st June 2021, the start of my company's financial year, we'll be choosing non-profits to support in line with this framework. I would even love to have your input via voting, in Underground - our online community, to choose who we send these funds to. When you buy yarn from Countess Ablaze, you can make an impact with us. 

A warm thanks to all our community for helping us to give back and do more for our people and planet.