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The Twelve Caesars Collection

The Twelve Caesars Collection is a year long compilation of hand dyed yarns and fibres based upon the ancient biographies written by Suetonius. This collection features one of a kind colourways that are not repeatable, apart from the custom blend fibre which is commercially dyed. Once the hand dyed items are sold out, they're gone.

The Twelve Caesars Collection is updated monthly. The collection below comes from the emperor VESPASIAN and will be added to the shop on October 24th at 7pm (UK time). Items will disappear from this page when sold out.

Click for more information and to see a gallery of sold out Twelve Caesars yarns and fibres.

Based in the UK, Countess Ablaze is a one-woman small business focusing on intense colour and fun colour combinations

Every single yarn is dyed a minimum of twice to achieve high saturation and glossy results, using professional acid dyes. A variety of dyeing techniques are used such as kettle dyeing, low water immersion dyeing and hand painting. Sometimes a colourway uses a mixture of all three. All yarns and fibres are heat set to exhaustion in a small industrial steamer and left overnight to sit in their own juices and cool naturally before rinsing with water the next day. After lots of experimentation, I found that this slow process gave the results that I was looking for in my hand dyed yarns and fibres. Colours are saturated, bold and intense. You won't find wishy washy colours here. Yarns and fibres are dyed in small batches, usually between 5 and 15 skeins or braids. I dye laceweight, sock yarn, fingering weight / 4ply, sportsweight, DK, worsted and aran yarn in a range of luxury fibres such as merino, silk and cashmere and British breed wool.
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